“Gastón Frydman is a true musician. His Playing displays a genuine artistic temperament rarely encountered”.

Antonio Pompa-Baldi 🇮🇹
Concert Pianist, Distinguished Professor of Piano & Artist-in-Residence at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Vice Director for Education at Lang Lang Art World, Founder and Artistic Director of Todi International Music Masters

“Gastón Frydman represents an artistry whose honesty and commitment are beyond his years. He navigates every corner of the repertoire with ease and mastery of musical language”.

Zsolt Bognár 🇺🇸
Concert Pianist, Host of the award-winning show Living the Classical Life

“Gastón’s playing is characterized by a beautiful tone, deep passion and captivating presence. He is constantly seeking new directions to explore and eager to share his love of music with others, which he does in the most authentic and approachable manner”.

Yaron Kohlberg 🇮🇱
Concert Pianist, President of PianoCleveland, organizers of the Cleveland International Piano Competition

“After inviting him to play the Schumann concerto with my orchestra on two occasions and witnessing his playing, I foresee an important artistic career for him”.

Mario Benzecry 🇦🇷
Former assistant conductor of the New York Philharmonic, Former Associate conductor of the Houston Symphony, Former Conductor of the Montecarlo National Opera, Founder and director of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra “José de San Martin”

“I was very happy to hear Gastón playing wonderful Argentinian music and I enjoyed his musicality very much”.

Jean-Efflam Bavouzet 🇫🇷
Concert Pianist

“It was a pleasure to have Gastón Frydman at Pianofest in the Hamptons. I enjoyed his performances very much and look forward to following his career”.

Paul Schenly 🇩🇪
Concert Pianist, Avery Fischer career grant, Former chairman and faculty emeritus at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Gilmore Piano Foundation nominating comitee advisor, Artistic director of the Cleveland International Piano Competition and PianoFest in the Hamptons

“Gaston’s dedication to his craft is inspiring! To be a pianist is to embody music wholly: physical, emotional and intellectual states of being alive, as a human. Gaston’s commitment to nurturing all of the above is admirable, and his natural musicality speaks for itself. I’m convinced that we shall see a brilliant career blossom ahead, as Gaston continues to unravel the fascinating complexity of being a concert pianist.”

Konstantin Soukhovetski 🇷🇺
Award winning concert pianist and composer, Juilliard faculty

“Extraordinary concert… Gastón Frydman is one of the youngest and most talented pianists in our country and he demonstrated it by offering a superb and stupendous version of the quintessential romantic concert from the first bars of the initial Allegro affettuoso in A minor, continuing with an exquisite and refined Intermezzo-Andantino grazioso to lead to the vibrant Allegro vivace finale, where he not only displayed his mastery, but also played it with passion -despite the fact that the piano was not the best for a soloist of such a hierarchy-. The orchestra knew how to accompany him, achieving a perfect dialogue and an ovation of applause and cheers was unleashed at the end of the performance. Frydman was extremely grateful and offered a very unusual encore: Danza de la moza donosa by Alberto Ginastera, which sounded subtle, precise and extremely refined, with that characteristic folkloric touch of the composer. A delight for the ears of the public and another ovation of applause for the
young performer”. From Paradise to You.

Martha Cora Eliseht 🇦🇷

“An exceptional soloist, Frydman made his debut playing Beethoven’s piano concerto Op. 73, ‘The Emperor’, achieving moments of absolute lyrical inspiration and demonstrating excellent technique, as well as showing himself to be largely proficient in the most intricate passages of the work”. From Paradise to You.

Donato Decina 🇦🇷

“A talented pianist with good technique and a world ahead for this young performer”. Musical Critics of Argentina Association.

Francisco Troccoli 🇦🇷